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Pool house is an architectural space that was built as a summer residence in the garden or house and was used in the summer. Its main role has been the interface between inside and outside and providing sub-climatic conditions and comfort inside. Depending on the type of relationship with the garden or yard and the type of climate, it is open to a different extent and has established a relationship with the landscape. This space established the need for a kind of connection between architecture and nature through the element of water, which has been sacred, valuable and the rarest natural element. The construction and construction of ponds was due to the need of the region in relation to the weather and geographical conditions of desert areas and the intensity of summer heat in these areas. The operating system of the pool house was such that water entered from one side of the pool house and water passed out from the other side by passing through the pool. Of course, sometimes water has been a manifestation of the collection. In addition to the fact that the flow of water caused the environment to cool down, in some ponds, with the construction of a windbreak in the vicinity of the building, a continuous flow of air entered this space and increased the coldness and provided comfort conditions in this place. The windbreak connects the exterior of the pool house with the interior in another way The role of wind like water in relation to the view in this space can be felt and understood. Use the platform title for sitting. These rooms are connected to the inside of the pool house by wooden doors, and sometimes they are illuminated by a window from the open space around the pool house.

  • photographer: Dariush Fardipour