Mirza Habibullah Khan, Field Marshal of King Ansari full name
1280-1309 During
moshiralmolk moshiralmamalek moshiraldoleh nickname Ha
 1275 Birthday
Esfahan birth place
 1309 passed away
Esfahan shrine
 cheragh ali mansor after
Mushiriyeh Mansion The building
Ansari dynasty
Mirza Fath Ali Father
Mirza Asadullah Khan Wathiq al-Mulk Mirza Abdullah Khan Mushir al-Malik Mirza Ali Mohammad Khan two girls Children
Islam Religion
Shia Religion

Farzand Mirza Fathali, Farzand Mirza Musa-Mirza Kochak-Farzand Mirza Mustafa, Farzand Mirza Rabi’, Farzand Mirza Rafi, Farzand Mirza Nur al-Din, Farzand Mirza Sadruddin, Farzand Mirza Nizamuddin, Farzand Mirza Salman, Farzand Mirza Khawaja Ali, Farzand Ali Khawajah.

He was born in the year one thousand two hundred and fifty-seven. From his childhood, he was educated and educated by his father and uncle, who were the director of the court and the teacher of the school and literature, became a master of calligraphy and had a knowledge of context and skill in art, and excelled his peers and peers. Therefore, since his childhood, he has been in charge of the administration in the ruling system.