The entrance to the house is located in the northwest corner and has a large and luxurious entrance with a semicircular arch above it. The entrance complex consists of a porch and doors and corridors, one of which leads to the corner of the courtyard, the other leads to the stables in the north of the house, and the other opens to the processing house.

The rectangular courtyard of the house is surrounded by several spaces on four sides, among which the northern front with a height of three floors is the most important part of the house. This front on the ground floor consists of two seats with a torn belly and a crypt in the middle of it. It is on the second floor. The hall overlooks the courtyard from the opposite side with a wide nine-span sash, followed by a royal residence with two full columns, which is separated from the public space of the hall by a row of decisive wood, and at the end of which the ruling seat with Slightly retracted and arched roof is distinguished. The walls and ceiling of the hall are covered with paintings, bedding and mirror work, and its sash, with a height equal to two floors, has wooden porcelain knots and beautiful colored glass.

Rafikhaneh pool house sits in its northeast corner and has spaces and pavilions around it on two floors. On the north side of the ground floor, there is a five-door room overlooking the winter quarters. One-story skylights above the pool house illuminate this space. These skylights with their various colored glass in the octagonal pool in the middle of the pool house create a glow of light and color and create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.