Mushir Al-Molk Ansari House is one of the most important and well-known houses in the history of Isfahan. This mansion belongs to the Mushir family, who from Safavid to Qajar tried to build in the government of Iran and Isfahan.

One of the signs of the royal construction of the house is that in the royal part, a section has been designed as decisive woods to separate the subjects from the sultan, and in addition, at the end of the royal residence, a different arch has been designed for his seat so that the ruling position is in the spotlight.

The advantages of the house architecture are: design in a leading style, having the largest nine-leaf sash in the world with a special color combination and design of double-walled sash with Islamic motifs, the middle of which is covered with gold foil to protect the harem of the house. The space between the columns and stone parts of the house is also filled with molten lead to prevent cracking and pressure from cold and heat. And the courtyard is divided into four equal parts by a cross pond to evoke an Iranian campus.

This house also has many artistic advantages, including the use of Persian green color in the body of the royal residence, painting with gold and mirror work on earrings, paintings behind glass and convex mirror work used to decorate royal peacocks, as well as carvings. Houses containing hunting grounds and traps under the sash have not changed the stillness of the yard to dynamics.

Other elements that make this building superior to other historical buildings are the installation of mirror and painting rooms on the south side with special designs to receive special guests and the house has an extensive water supply system including treasury, tuna, canopy, canals and fountain. I see.