A house beyond history and preserving a valuable heritage

Allies to preserve a precious heritage

The people in charge of Mushir House consider compassion for the heritage of a nation like Iran as the first criterion for their unity and they intend to stay on this path until the end and invite people to the culture and art of Islam.

These people accompany the people with you and intend to use the best ways to communicate with the people. They also consider the establishment of the Revival Association and the establishment of the Isfahan Historical Houses Association as one of their most valuable works.

We also know that you love Mushir al-Molk’s house as much as we do

حسین قسامی
علی قسامی
مدیر کافه
محمدحسین رفوگران
مدیر روابط عمومی
مسعودد اخوان نیلچی
مسئول داخلی
محسن دیانی
راهنمای تور